I Am T-Pain Mic Lets You Autotune Everything

By Chris Scott Barr

Autotuning has to be one of the biggest changes to come to music in the last decade or so. Sure, technically speaking, artists have been autotuning their voice for many years. However, it was originally designed to help perfect the pitch of your voice, whereas these days you hear something vastly different from the original vocals. This is sometimes referred to as the T-Pain effect, since he is rather noteable for using the technique. Honestly, the guys over at Autotune the News are the only ones I can stand to listen to who use it.

Last year brought us the I Am T-Pain App for the iPhone, which let you autotune your voice with your phone. Well now you don’t even need a fancy phone to do it. Just get yourself an I Am T-Pain Mic from Jakks Pacific when they come out for $40 this fall. It will record your voice, and play it back autotuned. You can even download the vocals to your computer for further entertainment. I’m still trying to figure out whether or not this will be used better when you’re sober or drunk. Probably the latter.

[ Jakks Pacific ] VIA [ ChipChick ]