I Am Rich App Hits Windows Phone 7

By Chris Scott Barr

A couple of years ago, headlines were made about an iPhone app called I Am Rich. This $999 piece of software did nothing but display an image of a jewel on your phone. The point? To let everyone know that you have entirely too much money. The app was pulled not terribly long after, and we thought it was gone for good. Well it seems that the person responsible felt the need to revisit the idea, this time on Windows Phone 7.

That’s right, now you can show all of your friends just how stupid you really are. Unfortunately you’re not allowed to blow $999 on it. You’ll only be given the chance to shell out $499 this time around. Maybe if you’re really lucky, you can trick it into letting you purchase the software twice. Or maybe you can just buy a second phone, buy the app, then put it in a blender.

[ Zune Store ] VIA [ Pocket Lint ]

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