Hyundai W-100 – Watch Phones Get Smaller

Hyundai W-100 Watch Phone (Images courtesy PhoneDaily)
By Andrew Liszewski

While it was inevitable, it’s nice to see that watch-sized phones have finally shrunk to something that’s reasonably sleek enough to wear on your arm. And even though it’s physically a lot smaller than a regular cellphone, it looks like the W-100 from Hyundai doesn’t compromise when it comes to features.

Not only does it function as a GSM phone, but it also includes a 1.3 megapixel still/video camera, an MP3/video player, a touch screen interface, bluetooth, MicroSD card slot and most importantly, support for the English language in addition to Chinese.

[ Hyundai W-100 ] VIA [ Akihabara News ]

7 thoughts on “Hyundai W-100 – Watch Phones Get Smaller”

  1. Would be smart to make it with bluetooth so that you could use an ear piece with it. Or maybe steal Microsoft’s lan-over-skin tech for a ‘wireless’ ear piece so you don’t have to listen to ads. I’d consider buying one if they ditched all the extra crap and just made it a phone/watch with wireless headset capability.

  2. It is very impresive invention, I like it very very very much it is the future of mobile technology I want to use this watch cum mobile cum mp* player but i can not purhcase it because I can’ t afford it. So how can poor like me utilize the advance technology yah this is really my badluck, this comments not bag for the watch i am just rising the question how the young poor persons get it. Please reply me ?

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