HyperChiller Coffee Maker Makes Iced Coffee In One Minute


So… making decent iced coffee isn’t as simple as it sounds. You can make drip coffee and pour it over ice, but then you’re melting the cubes, diluting your brew and ending up with a weak drink. Or, you can make it concentrated, say by making a triple espresso shot… but you might put too much or too little ice and end up with the wrong concentration anyway. OR, you can chill your coffee overnight… but who’s got that much time? The HyperChiller Coffee Maker can let you cool your hot brew in as little as one minute, which you can then pour over ice that you won’t have to worry about diluting. You simply put the chiller in the freezer overnight, and once you pour the hot coffee inside, the large surface area will expose more of your brew to the frozen walls, chilling the liquid by as much as 130F in 60 seconds.

It’s $30.

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