Hydro Floors Disappearing Swimming Pool

By Evan Ackerman

There’s one reason I don’t have a hypothetical swimming pool in my apartment, and it’s this: it would take up all the room I need for my hypothetical badminton court. Hydro Floors has solved my hypothetical problem IRL with a swimming pool that completely disappears, giving you a solid floor to work with when you want one. The swimming pool (water and all) is still there, there’s just a floor (which is sometimes the floor of the swimming pool) on top of it. In addition to providing space for your badminton court, this also cuts down on heating costs by keeping the water insulated when you’re not in it.

Only problem is, I can’t buy one of these with all of the hypothetical money I have saved up. The website doesn’t say how much a Hydro Floor costs, but figure on absurdly expensive. So realistically, the only people who will likely buying these are evil geniuses looking for an absurdly slow death machine.

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