Hybrid Scooter Gets 140 MPG

Piaggio Hybrid Scooter (image via Sci Fi Tech)
by Shane McGlaun

With all the focus on our environment over the last few years, hybrid cars have become a viable and popular form of transportation. Those preferring an open air method of travel will like the hybrid scooter from Piaggio.

This scooter is rated for up to 140 MPG and is powered by Piaggio’s HyS system combining a hybrid combustion engine with an electric one. With normal operation the high-efficiency combustion engine charges the electric unit. The electric unit provides more power during starts.

Three scooter models will be equipped with this system, the Vespa LX, Piaggio X8 and the three-wheel MP3 pictured here. The HyS system will also allow the scooters to run in emission-free mode for up to 12 miles. Sorry guys, the leather clad hottie isn’t included.

[ Piaggio ] VIA [ Sci Fi Tech ]