Hybrid Cinema Rig Holds Your DSLR Like The Pros


By Chris Scott Barr

If you’ve dropped a good bit of cash on one of the newer DSLRs that can actually shoot HD video, you’ve probably found it a bit awkward to actually shoot video. I mean, you don’t really want to hold that thing up like a regular camera for any real length of time, as it would just get old. Not to mention that’s not always the most comfortable way to walk around. Well the folks over at Redrock have seen this as a perfect opportunity to release some spiffy accessories that will help you out.

The DSLR 2.0 Hybrid Cinema Rigs are a collection of various camera holders that make it easier to shoot video (and stills) like the pros. These help with things like follow focus, attaching larger screens for viewing, and attaching mics. These accessories start at around $200 and turn your nice DSLR into a kick-ass video shooting machine.

[ Redrock ] VIA [ Dvice ]

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