Hummer H2 x 10 To The Minus 6

Micro Hummer H2 and 747

By Asim Waqar

Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) is already revolutionizing the way computer chips and other devices are built. The design, integration and manufacture of components down to a few millionths of a meter is a monumental achievement of science. 2 dimensional circuit boards just keep getting smaller and our computers keep getting faster.

2D however, is so yesterdays news. Enter MicroFabrica, and their breakthrough EFAB technology. These folks have devised a ‘cost effective’ 3 dimensional micro manufacturing process and are able to make functional micro-machines! Now of course I am not implying that you can drive that H2 or fly that airplane. Perusing their website, you will find examples of micro-machines including parts, gears, speakers and even a mechanical energy storage device.

This is no concept. This is the real deal; the pictures above are to give you an idea of the capabilities of this process in a fun way. Imagine the potential of such technology in the bio-medical field, on integrated circuits and… well, anywhere.

They might even build me my very own 400 millionths of a meter-tall Brook Burke replica, who could go everywhere with me and my wife wouldn’t even notice! She wouldn’t need moving parts. So please delete that process from your personal task manager.

I warn you, their site is a lot of technical mumbo jumbo, but seeing that airplane next to the eye of the needle was definitely worth the trips to!

Visit MicroFabrica here.

There is even a design competition, and the winner will receive a prototype free of charge and a prize (Segway Scooter or Projector!).

Deadline is November 11!

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