‘Human Type’ is a Font From Human Faces

‘Human Type’ is a Font From Human Faces

Human Type Font


So this is called Human Type, and it’s a seven-character typeface released recently by design studio Kerozen. It’s unlike any other font out there for obvious reasons: it was created using actual human faces (or more accurately, bits and pieces of their faces.) Created by JC Debroize, each letter is inspired by a particular member of the design team.

JC explains: “I first made the letters in old-school 3-D with modeling clay. We shot pictures of the letters and of the design team’s faces. Then I made a mapping of skin textures on the letters with Photoshop and added the hair and the eyes. It was not a problem to show an unflattering image of us. We laughed a lot making this.”

Hit the break for close-up looks of Human Type.

Human Type Font4\ Human Type Font2\ Human Type Font3\

Human Type Font1


Who knew human faces could be so…scary?

VIA [ io9 ]