Hublot’s Confrérie Horlogère Designs A Bullet-Shaped Pocket Watch

Hublot Confrérie Horlogère (Image courtesy Hublot)
By Andrew Liszewski

The latest pocket watch design from Hublot’s special Confrérie Horlogère division seems to take its inspiration from the NRA, with a bullet-shaped body made from titanium (for the ‘bullet’ itself) and black aluminum (for the ‘shell casing’). Known as the ‘Liberty’ the watch features a tourbillon mechanism with the time being indicated by a roller display on the side, and what looks like a sweeping second hand on the bottom.

Now while most pocket watches are designed to be stashed in your pocket when not in use, I would be hesitant about tossing one of these in with my keys and loose change since they’ll be sold in pairs starting in June for $79,000.

[ – Hublot “Liberty” Bullets, by the Confrérie Horlogère ] VIA [ Born Rich ]

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