HP Recalls 70,000 Laptop Batteries


By Chris Scott Barr

If you’ve got an HP laptop that you purchased between August 2007 and March 2008, you might want to stop and pay attention for a minute. Yes, I know there’s plenty of other fun stuff to look at, but if you value your legs and the pants you’re wearing, stop for a moment. HP is recalling some 70,000 laptop batteries due to overheating issues. Apparently there have been incidents of property damage with some of these, so it would be worth checking into. The models affected are listed below, more info after the jump.


If your laptop happens to be one of the models affected, you can take a further step and look at the bar code on your battery. If it matches any of these, then you qualify for the recall.


If you do in fact have one of these batteries, you’ll need to stop using it. Head over to the HP site setup specifically setup for the recall and request a replacement. Until then they suggest keeping the battery out of your laptop and running it off of the power cord. Sure, that’s inconvenient, but there is a bright side. You’re getting a brand spanking new battery to replace the one that’s a year or so old and probably doesn’t stay charged quite as long as it used to.

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