HP ProBook Notebooks Offer Business Class Sex Appeal


By Shane McGlaun

I worked on a few business class notebooks over the years and one thing they all had in common was that they were plain looking black boxes with nothing redeeming about the way they looked. I always thought showing up to a meeting with an ugly notebook was about the same as showing up with an ugly tie.

HP is offering some new business class notebooks called the HP ProBook series that are designed to be functional, but good looking as well. HP says that the new notebooks are designed with an eye towards minimalist style and combines matte and glossy surfaces. The machines are available with glossy and merlot finishes.

Among the ProBook models are the 4410s and 4415s with 14-inch screens and optional Blu-ray and HD 4330 graphics. The ProBook 4510s and 4515s are 15.6-inch machines with HP Mobile Broadband technology that uses Gobi technology to work with multiple wireless carriers. The final machine in the series is the 4710s with a 17.3-inch screen and an ATI HD 4330 video card and more. Pricing for the machines starts at $529 and they will be available in June.

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