How To Traumatize Your Children Book

How To Traumatize Your Children (Image courtesy Perpetual Kid)
By Andrew Liszewski

There are countless books that will supposedly teach you how to properly raise your kids, but only one that takes the opposite approach. How To Traumatize Your Children is part of the ‘Self-Hurt Series’ of books and includes chapters that cover everything from narcissistic parenting to being your child’s best friend to the convenience of neglect and even how to enjoy the legacy of trauma you’ve carefully crafted. Because let’s be serious, what’s the point of putting all the time and effort into traumatizing your kids if you don’t end up becoming pseudo-famous thanks to a tell-all book or movie-of-the-week 30 years later?

At 192 pages with full color illustrations the book should provide more than enough guidance to keep your son or daughter living in your basement well into their 40’s. You can get it from Perpetual Kid for just $10.

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