How To Speak Wookie (Image courtesy ModCloth)

How To Speak Wookiee

How To Speak Wookiee (Image courtesy ModCloth)
By Andrew Liszewski

There are plenty of incomprehensible languages in the Star Wars universe, and right up there with Huttese and the random bleeps and bloops that astromech droids use to communicate, there’s Wookiee. Spoken by the residents of Kashyyyk, including Chewbacca, it’s probably one of the most impersonated (usually very, very terribly) dialects from the Star Wars films. But until now, impersonation has been the only way to learn and speak their language.

Beating Rosetta Stone to the punch, Chronicle Books has created a handy guide to learning Wookiee that could help avoid having your arms ripped off at the sockets. While it’s far from in-depth, an included sound module, recorded by none other than Chewbacca himself, provides the correct pronunciation of ten key phrases that are sure to help ease intergalactic diplomatic relations.

It’s available directly from Chronicle Books for $16.95, or, you could just find a cupboard door that you can use as a translator like this guy did:

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