How To Ship Your Technology Quickly And Compliantly

How To Ship Your Technology Quickly And Compliantly

With media being consumed on demand faster that ever before, with companies like Netflix making TV shows and movies available for streaming just months after their release to please users, it’s imperative that the signals used to transmit content are reliable. Cloud-based service providers that exist for social, entertainment-based, informative, or professional purposes are all expanding globally to reach a larger client base. Conversely, those who’ve already expanded internationally still require the IT equipment used to supply their service to be shipped securely, and on time. These clients require technology resellers from whom they can lease these necessary goods, it’s an opportunity to enter a global market like no other, so why do so many value-added resellers choose to stay local?

What many cloud-based service providers don’t realize is just how complex cross-border transactions can be, particularly for the reseller whose responsibility it is to have the goods cleared upon arrival. Technology is treated with high sensitivity at the customs of most countries, and because there is no conventional customer, often an Importer of Record is hired so the goods may be cleared compliantly. Before this process can take place, there is also a pre-approval process to contend with that requires the exporting entity to prepare all the correct paperwork including a commercial invoice, freight delivery waybill, and other pieces of customs support documentation like permits and further certifications.

This portion demands detailed knowledge of the receiving country’s legislature, and if a reseller has business in multiple places, it can cause a logistics nightmare. What’s more is that one minor mistake in the paperwork can cause costly delays and new media giants like Facebook or YouTube will not be impressed by insufficient service.

Thankfully, a reseller can more easily take advantage of international opportunities by partnering with a company like TecEx that can act as your Importer of Record in over 120 countries, clearing your goods within 7 days of the pre-approval process thanks to their comprehensive knowledge of and experience with imports. They also oversee the accuracy of the paperwork to ensure all forms are completed correctly, they can even apply for permits on your behalf. What makes this company one of its kind is that they can also procure a value-added tax refund for you from 40 of the above countries in less than 6 months post clearance, saving you money. Their hands-on service further sees the delivery of your assets as their personnel on the ground will liaise with your chosen forwarder or freight service to ensure the goods reach your high-profile clients swiftly.

TecEx makes global transactions simpler, and opens gateways for resellers so they may develop new and lasting client relationships outside of their local market. When prospective clients overseas require your technology to do business, partner with an expert in imports that will alleviate the pain points associated with an otherwise difficult process. It will keep your clients satisfied, and boost your reliability for the future.