How to Choose the Best VPN for Popcorn Time?

Watching and streaming movies on Popcorn Time has become not only a great opportunity but a real challenge. As most of the content on Popcorn time is available for free, copyright owners can also access that site demanding you to stop using a platform or even suing you.

Several cases of disclosures have already occurred. That is why any Popcorn Time user has done everything to make her Internet connection at maximum private and secure. From the list of available solutions, virtual private networks seem most reliable and easy to implement. If you still don’t use them while watching your favorite movies on Popcorn Time, we can help you choose the right one.

3 criteria VPN for Popcorn Time should satisfy:
If you want not to become disclosed by the copyright owner, you should pay attention to the quality of your virtual private network provider, which should satisfy the following conditions:

1. The stream of data should be properly encrypted and provider shouldn’t use that for any other purposes. That is the main reason why you’d better not use free Popcorn time VPN because cheap means low level of defense or its use for not right purposes;
2. Popcorn time VPN easily change your ip to ip of countries where copyright regulations remain not that strict. You should be sure that you can easily change your American IP to Russian one so that no one will know that those streaming content is from the US;
3. It should permit Popcorn Time: Sometimes when copyright owners see their film on a platform, they go to the provider and ask details of the client. You should pay very close attention whether your provider agrees to that or not.
If you know these 3 criteria it is much easier for you to choose the right provider.

Top-5 providers for streaming Popcorn Time content:
1. Express VPN: this is one of the strongest and the most user-friendly providers, its options of kill switch and firewall DNS protection have provided it with high attractiveness for Popcorn Time streamers;
2. Ip Vanish, as you see from its name, uses most efficient techniques of making ip undetected by anyone, whether he is a copyright owner or hacker;
3. Nord VPN is located in Panama so it doesn’t obey any USA copyright regulations so nobody will disclose the user exploiting it for streaming illegal content;
4. Vypr VPN is a successful provider which is famous not only for a unique technique of messages encryption but for high levels of reliability and quality of encryption;
5. Pure VPN, aside from usual DNS leak protection and operating in more than 140 countries, this provider is known by making unlimited server switching and low prices which do not reduce the level of VPN protectio