HoverMower, Mowing Your Lawn on a Cushion of Air

I think it’s sort of strange that we’ve seen two lawnmower innovations in the last week. First there’s the automatic lawn mower robot and now there’s a hovercraft/mower…

Treachery’s afoot!

Or not. This little beast, made by Eastman Industries, floats on a cushion of air. This makes it more maneuverable, extremely light, easy to propel and able to reach previously inaccessible places like extreme inclines (due to its special diaphragm carburetor), wet grounds, and tight, difficult to get at places.

Things might get a little hairy if you let go of it I imagine, but well, hey, that’s your problem.

700$ will buy you one, and it’s available for purchase at Hammacher Schlemmer. Story VIA MakeZine.

Update: Ok, so, get this, people. I was born with a congenital brain malformation that makes me particularly stupid. And susceptible to think old things are new.

Well, not really, but still… Apparently, this mower is OLD. Go here for proof.

Thanks guys.

4 thoughts on “HoverMower, Mowing Your Lawn on a Cushion of Air”

  1. Duh! Nothing new. Flymo hovering mowers (www.flymo.com) have been available for decades!
    My Dads had one since the dawn of time!

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