Hover-Q Mini R/C Hovercraft

Hover-Q Mini R/C Hovercraft

By Evan Ackerman

The Hover-Q is the world’s smallest indoor infrared R/C hovercraft, a title that I imagine doesn’t get contested that often. It’s one of the coolest little R/C toys that I’ve seen in a while, with a real hovercraft-style flexible skirt lift system, a propulsion fan, and rudders for steering. The IR controller also acts as a charger, and you can get them on different frequencies to race two at once.

The whole point of hovercraft is to be able to travel on any kind of smooth terrain, whether it’s land or water. I’m not sure whether you can use a Hover-Q in the bathtub, but based on its operating principles, I don’t see why not. They’re $34 each, in blue, orange, red, or black.

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