Hoseroll Makes For A Stylish Mess

Hoseroll (Image courtesy Peter D'Alessandro)
By Andrew Liszewski

There’s a good chance your garden hose ends up as neatly organized as those earbud headphones you crammed in your pocket. So instead of buying some hose organization device that tries to change who you are why not get something that embraces your messy lifestyle?

The Hoseroll was designed by Peter D’Alessandro as a practical storage solution that also camouflages itself as an ever changing garden sculpture… I think passing it off as a piece of ‘art’ is a bit of a stretch but I do like the idea of just rolling it across your lawn as an easy way to wrap up a hose. Of course you’d want to be careful rolling it across a freshly watered lawn as it looks like those ‘prongs’ would easily tear up the grass and dirt.

Sadly I don’t see any indication that the Hoseroll is available for sale but with a few pieces of plywood and an hour with a scroll saw you could probably just make your own.

[ Hoseroll ] VIA [ Cribcandy ]

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