Hoover Wind Tunnel 2 Listens For Dirt

Hoover Wind Tunnel 2 (Image courtesy Popular Science)By Andrew Liszewski

To ensure your carpet ends up really clean after vacuuming you can either let those obsessive compulsive tendencies take over and go over the same path 20-30 times or simply upgrade your vacuum to the Hoover Wind Tunnel 2 with the Dirt FINDER system.

In order to determine when the carpet is actually clean the Wind Tunnel 2 bounces soundwaves around the inside of its filter. If dirt is still being sucked up into the vacuum the sound waves will bounce off the dirt particles and sound different than when nothing is passing through. When the vacuum is satisfied that there’s no more dirt to be sucked up it will alert you with a green ‘Clean’ light allowing you to then move onto the next room.

The Hoover Wind Tunnel 2 with the Dirt FINDER system is available for about $380.

[Hoover Wind Tunnel 2] VIA [Popular Science]

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