Hookless Hangers (Images courtesy Hookless Hangers)

Hookless Hangers

Hookless Hangers (Images courtesy Hookless Hangers)
By Andrew Liszewski

Maybe there’s an obvious downside to this idea that I’m just not seeing, but I kind of like the look and functionality of these hookless hangers. The not so secret trick behind the hangers is that the traditional hook has been replaced with a neodymium magnet, which also requires you to replace the rod in your closet with a metal strip mounted below a shelf or something. Now your first thought is probably that magnets would be no where near strong enough, but these can support up to 5lbs of clothing, and there’s a deluxe version designed for coats that supports up to 7.5lbs.

On one hand they end up saving a lot of vertical space in a closet allowing you to stack two rows of clothing in some cases, but on the other a 5-pack of basic wooden hangers is around $20. Now I hate to discourage people from buying this company’s product, but this seems like another DIY project that could accomplish the same thing for a lot cheaper.

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