Honeywell All Weather Station With Public Alert

Honeywell All Weather Station (Image courtesy Popular Science)By Andrew Liszewski

If you live in the infamous tornado alley or anyplace where severe weather is a serious threat this weather station from Honeywell could very well save your life. It has the usual functions we’ve come to expect from a weather station including a backlit LCD display, 12 to 24 hour weather forecasts, a 24 hour barometric pressure history chart and it can even calculate sunrise and sunset times. It also includes a wireless anemometer for measuring windspeed and direction, a rain gauge for measuring rainfall levels and a thermo hygrometer for measuring temperature and humidity.

But what really sets this particular weather station apart is that it can access the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) SAME technology broadcasts allowing it to display emergency weather alerts such as tornado and thunderstorm warnings for your particular area. And since these alerts are not to be taken lightly the device will even sound an alarm when the warnings are issued to make sure you’re aware of the approaching dangers.

The All Weather Station is available on the Honeywell website for $349.99.

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