HOMO AE4 Electric ATV – Offroading That’s Safer For The Environment

HOMO AE4 ATV (Images courtesy Hello ATV)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you thought electric cars have been slow to catch on, you might want to check out the market for electric ATVs. Unless you’re willing to settle for a mostly plastic ‘Power Wheels’ model, there’s not a wide selection out there. In fact the HOMO AE4 from the Hello-Motor Vehicle company (which I assume was shortened to ‘HOMO’) is the first electric ATV I’ve ever seen. And to be honest I think I know why they’re not so popular.

The AE4 uses a 450w electric motor which provides a top speed of about 25 km/h. When you factor in the lead-acid rechargeable battery has a range of 30km, you’ll get about an hour of riding at top speed before you need to recharge. So if you’re a fan of off-roading in the woods, you better hope you can find a tree with an AC outlet at some point. And even if you do, you might as well set up camp since the battery takes about 6-8 hours to recharge.

If anyone can find a price for this thing, I’m definitely curious.

[ HOMO AE4 Electric ATV ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]