HomeHero Stylish Fire Extinguisher

HomeHero Stylish Fire Extinguisher

HomeHero Fire Extinguisher (Image courtesy HomeHero)By Andrew Liszewski

I only recently bought a fire extinguisher for my home and the red monstrosity currently hides under the kitchen sink waiting for the day I hope never comes. The HomeHero Fire Extinguisher however breaks from the ‘red’ tradition and has a very cool, modern design which would actually look great sitting out in the open. And that’s exactly the idea behind the design because a fire extinguisher that’s hidden in a cupboard increases the amount of time a fire is burning while you or someone else tries to find it.

The HomeHero extinguisher also has an ergonomic grip for more intuitive operation and a highly visible red safety pin on the back that’s easy to remove when seconds count. It even has a rubber foot on the bottom if you’re worried about it scratching your countertops. Personally I think it’s a great idea as long as people don’t mistake it for a seltzer bottle or something.

The HomeHero Fire Extinguisher will be exclusively available at Home Depot when it’s released but there’s no pricing info at this time.

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  1. hey, any chance you have these laying around?
    I’m a design student that is looking for one, doesn’t need to work. None on ebay or amazon. Thanks~

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