Home Recording Studio – Vintage Styling, Modern Features

Home Recording Studio (Image courtesy the Herrington Catalog)By Andrew Liszewski

I don’t want to debate the notion that analog vinyl records sound better than a modern digital recording, if someone prefers to listen to their old LPs more power to them. However it’s unfortunately a non-debatable fact that vinyl records don’t age very well and start losing their sound quality from the first time they’re played.

So if you’re still holding onto a mountain of vinyl that you’re afraid will one day turn into a box of dust it might be time to start thinking of a way to better preserve those tunes. If you don’t have the time or money to invest in a professional turntable and recording gear you might want to consider this all-in-one solution instead. The Home Recording Studio not only plays LP’s and 45’s but will also transfer them to CDs which are probably a bit more convenient these days for those who didn’t get the turntable option on that new Honda. The recording studio can also transfer cassette tapes to CD (sorry no 8-track support) and comes in a very retro finish.

The Home Recording Studio is available from the Herrington Catalog for $399.95.

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