Home Heartbeat Monitoring System

Home Heartbeat (Image courtesy Eaton Corp.)
By Andrew Liszewski

A home security system is a great way to keep intruders out of your house while you’re away, but when you think about it there are just as many dangers and threats on the inside. The Home Heartbeat monitoring system is designed to keep an eye out for small problems around your home that could potentially lead to bigger ones. The system relies on a series of sensors placed in different areas around your home that wirelessly communicate with a base station via wifi.

These sensors come in a variety of configurations and can be used to check for water leaks, to make sure windows or doors are closed, to check if certain appliances have been shut off (an iron for example) and even includes motion detectors to warn of possible intruders. The status of the sensors are relayed to the base station which in turn passes the info along to something called the Home Key, which is a key-chain sized device with an LCD display. No matter where you are the Home Key can be used to check the status of the sensors in your home, and notify you of any problems. In some cases the sensors can even be controlled by the Home Key, allowing you to shut off the water or even cut power to a particular appliance.

The Home Heartbeat Starter Kit sells for $224.95 and only includes the base station, Home Key and a single open/closed sensor. Other sensors run from $39.95 up to $49.95 depending on what they do and Extra Home Keys will set you back $74.95 each. From what I can tell the system also charges you for every alert that is sent to the Home Key. Twelve months of unlimited service will cost you $99.95 or you can buy 1000 alerts for $49.95. Peace of mind clearly does not come cheap these days.

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  1. Based on the description, it’s more than a security system. You can monitor for water leaks (and shut off water lines if there’s a leak!), check if appliances were left on, etc… as well as the typical security items like windows/doors/motion. If you’re a homeowner, it’s nice to know what’s going on inside your house, if/when you are at work, or on vacation.

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