Home EKG Monitor

Home EKG Monitor (Image courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you never got the hang of the old two fingers on the wrist method for measuring your heart rate, this handheld EKG unit from Hammacher Schlemmer is an easier, albeit considerably more expensive, means to monitor your ticker. It’s apparently FDA-approved, and instead of electrode cables stuck all over your body, you simply hold the unit in one hand, and press it against the palm of your other. Four integrated sensors provide an instantaneous EKG reading, which is displayed as a moving graph on its 1 3/4″ x 2 3/4″ monochrome display.

It will also let you know if you’re suffering from an irregular heartbeat through the use of an emoticon. I assume a smile means you’re ok, while a frown means you just spent $199.95 on a device to avoid visiting to the hospital, when you’re going to end up there anyways. The Home EKG Monitor has enough memory on board to store up to 200, 30 second heartbeat data recordings, which can also be offloaded to a PC via USB for tracking the health of your heart over longer time periods.

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