Holophone PortaMic 5.1 Captures Surround Sound On Location

Holophone PortaMic 5.1 (Images courtesy Rising Sun Productions Ltd.)
By Andrew Liszewski

Why wait till you’re back in the studio or post-production facility to create a 5.1 surround sound mix for your video when the Holophone lets you capture surround sound right on set! Now if you’re shooting in a studio environment such a contraption is kind of pointless given all the action and sound happens right in front of the camera, but at something like a concert this would be a pretty great way to capture the crowd’s reaction as well as what’s happening on stage.

The PortaMic 5.1 is powered by a single 9V battery which is good for about 3 hours use, and thanks to onboard hardware the audio is encoded on the fly to Dolby Pro Logic II, though it can be decoded back to 5.1 later in post-production for proper re-mixing. But with a price tag of around $600 it seems like an accessory for professional videographers or amateurs with deep pockets.

[ Holophone PortaMic 5.1 ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

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