HKS Racing Controller (Image courtesy HKS)

HKS Racing Controller Is A Clever Alternative To A Full-On Steering Wheel Peripheral

HKS Racing Controller (Image courtesy Eagle3)

If you’re a racing game fanatic, the kind who wept aloud when the release date for GT5 was finally announced, you probably already have an impressive steering wheel/pedals rig in front of your TV. But if you’re a casual racing gamer who’s entertained the thought of picking up a wheel, but don’t want yet another peripheral crowding up your living room, or just don’t want to spend the money, here’s a clever alternative.

Revealed at E3 last week, the HKS Racing Controller for the PS3, from a company called Eagle3, replaces the buttons on the left side of the controller with a steering wheel dial, for lack of a better description. And on the right side, the square and X buttons have been replaced with a set of miniature, fully analog, gas and brake pedals. The center of the controller also has an LED display showing an exact numerical value of how hard you’re braking or accelerating, as well as a visual graph to assist in steering. Specific pricing or availability wasn’t announced, but according to MotorworldHype it will sell for less than a standard PS3 controller which retails for $54.99. And while there’s only a PS3 version at the moment, controllers for the Xbox and PC might be created if this model sells well enough.

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4 thoughts on “HKS Racing Controller Is A Clever Alternative To A Full-On Steering Wheel Peripheral”

  1. I'd consider this, especially being relatively cheaper than a decent wheel controller. Although I would suggest they protrude the dial even more to give a better range of motion, and also if they can incorporate force feedback.

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  3. If the quality is good, I'll definitely be getting this. Dragging out a massive steering wheel/pedal setup for a quick race is just too much of a hassle!

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