Hit Your DS With The Ugly Stick, Get 40 Hour Battery Life


By David Ponce

There’s a bunch of people around the web knocking on this, the Triple Function Power Pack for the DS lite. It’s from some generic Japanese outfit, and happens to give your DS 40 hours of juice through the use of 4 AA batteries. A convenient switch located on the unit allows for the user to choose which power source they wish to utilize, even allowing the power to be cut off from the battery pack altogether and routed to the DS’ internal battery. Sure, once you’ve installed the thing, your previously sleek and pretty console now looks like a fugly brick, but dude, you’ve got 40 yours battery life. And yeah, people are saying “what’s the point?” “When are you away from an outlet for that long?” “Are you a hobo?”…

Guys, you ever been camping? Let me tell you, there are those of us who’d rather play a game or two, than spend the day identifying some freaking birds or trying to sound like a horny moose. Unfortunately, due to the Japanese nature of this product, we’re unable to obtain pricing or availability information. But it seems to be out there.

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