Hipster – Personal Trailer

Hipster I & II (Images courtesy Elseware)
By Andrew Liszewski

When the backpack is a bit too grade-schoolish for your tastes and the shoulder bag just doesn’t haul enough gear for your liking you now have the option of pulling around your own personal trailer.

Designed by Joel Hoag the Hipster was inspired by his father’s wish to walk across the United States and he hopes his personal trailer will launch a new sport of ‘adventure walking’ some day. It comes in two varieties at the moment, the Hipster I which uses a single wheel to keep the trailer light, maneuverable and compact and the Hipster II which uses two wheels making it stronger and capable of carrying heavier loads.

The Elseware Design’s website currently lists the Hipster as being available on a made-to-order basis but pricing info is not available.

[Elseware Design’s Hipster I & II]

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  3. I really like this idea. On a long distance bike tour I met a guy running across the US (CA to MA) and he used a 3 wheel child jogging stroller to carry his stuff. This keeps the weight off of the spine and joints. He had to continually pushed it ahead of himself every few seconds.

    If these were available at the time I think he would have used one.

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