Highlights From The Global Pet Expo

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By David Ponce

Every now and then, we get a nice tip from one of our readers. In this case it comes from Bruce Perchman, Tech Reporter for Good Morning San Diego and owner of the MrBicep website. You should really pay it a visit to understand why it’s a fitting name. Well, turns out Bruce recently went to the Global Pet Expo held this year in San Diego, and decided to give OhGizmo the exclusive on a few of the things there. This event was not open to the public, just buyers, manufacturers, and press.

Yeah, we’re not talking high tech here. But, we all got some pet or other. If you don’t… where’s your heart, man? And a few of these things are worth at least a couple chuckles.

So, out here I’m telling you about one, and you can come inside for a bunch more.

The picture right here, below, as described by Bruce himself:

Buff out Buffy with ?Muscle Dog? supplement By TRM.

This low-tech natural feed supplement is used to promote optimum muscle development in dogs and is highly recommended by The Muscleman of Technology. HooRah!

Muscle Dog.JPG

Allright, so the next item.

Staywell Infra-Red Dog Door

Hey, you have a remote for your garage door. Why shouldn?t fluffy have access to his pet door the same way transmitted via a collar embedded with an IR digital code key!

IR Pet Door.JPG

iPod & Blackberry Chew Toy for dogs

If you hate these devices, here is your chance for revenge!

iPod & Blackberry Chew Toy.JPG

Flexi-Dog?the Posable Timer & Clock

Alarm-clock with time and date in dog & cat shape, with bendable legs and memory plastic.

Flexi-Dog Clock.JPG

Digi-Lab?s TSS Digital Handheld Aquarium Water Tester

Laboratory grade precision accuracy allows you to instantly test for temperature, salinity, & specific gravity of your aquarium water.

Digi-Lab Water Tester.JPG

Aquatica Gallery Aquarium (Winner of Best In Show Award at GPE)

These finely crafted ?Living Picture Wall-Mounting Aquariums? are just beautiful and amazing to see in person?bet your flat screen TV can?t do this! Visit them at Aquaticgallery

Aquariumn Frame1.JPG

Aquarium Frame2.JPG

Osama Stuff it Scoops

Feed Osama what he deserves?who says Osama isn?t eating Sh_T.

Osama Scoop Pooper.JPG

And finally, a picture of MrBicep himself, Bruce Perchman, Technology Reporter for Good Morning San Diego. Thanks Bruce!

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