High Tech Bling: Video Earrings with 2.2-Inch Screens

Video Earrings

Earrings. People wear them to make a statement or to complete their outfits. Others purposely choose wacky pairs to grab people’s attentions, while others design their own to show off their creativity and individuality.

Adding yet another reason why people wear earrings is the team at MJ Mclaren with their Video Earrings. These high-tech accessories incorporate a 2.2-inch screen that can stream media and display slideshows. The earrings can be charged and loaded with files via USB.

MJ Mclaren has set up an Indiegogo project in order to raise funds to produce the Video Earrings. On the project page, they explain: “The Video Earrings can show videos as slide shows, screen savers, real homemade videos, family videos, music videos, advertisement videos, or professionally developed videos.”

They’re definitely not your typical earrings, that’s for sure. If you’re one of the early birds, you can make a pledge of at least $50 to get your own pair of 2GB earrings.

VIA [ Video Earrings on Indiegogo ]

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