Hidden Camera iPhone Charger Brings Fun To The Office

By David Ponce

You’re sure Martha at cubicle 24C is stealing some of the Reese’s Pieces from the stack you keep on the corner of your desk. You know, the ones you have to eat because of your low blood sugar? You know it’s her because you see the glint in her eye every time she casually comes by to say hello. But you’re on to her and with this insanely expensive little device, you can have all the proof you need for an HR melodrama of epic proportions.

This new ingenious small covert hidden camera video recording system is built into a tiny iCharger for charging up an iPhone, iPad or iPod. However, the iCharger stand contains a little secret. Hidden inside is a high grade high resolution low light covert hidden video camera.

-Motion Activated Recording for Weeks of Mpeg-4 AVI Video
-Time/Date Stamp for Evidence Authentication
-Actually Charges Your iPhone, iPad or iPod
-Powered By Any Wall Outlet
-Records Directly To Included 4Gb SD Card (upgradable to 32GB)
-Can Connect To TV with Cable For Viewing
-450 TVL Color CCD Camera

Did we mention insanely expensive? Yeah? Because we’re talking about $300 to stop peanut butter and chocolate theft.


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