Herman Miller SAYL Chair (Images courtesy Herman Miller)

Herman Miller’s New SAYL Chairs

Herman Miller SAYL Chair (Images courtesy Herman Miller)
By Andrew Liszewski

Herman Miller continues their dominance of office ergonomics with their new SAYL chair designed by Yves BĂ©har, who if you’re not familiar, also designed the Jawbone BT headset and the first generation OLPC. Inspired by San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bride, the frameless back of the SAYL features a Y-tower structure that supports a stretched flexible elastomer material (like the cables on a suspension bridge) allowing it to contour to anyone’s shape, while still providing support and keeping users cool and comfortable.

On the eco front the chairs are made from 21% recycled content materials, and it itself is 93% recyclable. I can’t seem to dig up pricing info at the moment though, and even though Herman Miller claims it will have a “very attainable price” let’s assume that’s relative to their other premium seating options.

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