Help Save The Rainforest With A Geotagged Tree

By Evan Ackerman

Whenever I think of it, I like to click the button at The Rainforest Site, which somehow protects 11.4 square feet of rainforest thanks to revenue from sponsors. It’s free, and it’s kinda neat, but I’m never sure what’s in my little 11.4 square foot area, or even where in the world it is. The World Wildlife Fund has made saving the rainforest much more personal by allowing you to donate a specific tree (choose one of three) to the Sebangau National Park in Borneo, Indonesia. Your tree will grow up in a nursery, and when it’s planted somewhere in the park, you’ll be emailed a KML file with an exact latitude and longitude, so that you can check on your tree with Google Earth or Google Maps. $5.50 covers the entire cost of each tree, and you can check out the whole process at

VIA [ Google LatLong ]