Help Make Realistic Barbie Into a Reality

Normal Barbie Kickstarter


Barbie’s makers have gotten a lot of flak for making a doll with unrealistic body proportions that give kids the wrong idea about what “sexy” or “healthy” looks like. Over the past couple of years, people have called for a change to Barbie’s vital stats, and it has prompted artists like Nickolay Lamm to create more realistic versions of Barbie.

What started out as a work of art that carried a strong message might now become a reality, as Lamm has launched a crowdfunding campaign to turn realistic Barbie into a reality.


Of course, it won’t be called “Barbie” for obvious reasons. Instead, it’s going to be called the Lammily doll, which, as its maker explains, will have “typical human proportions.” Lamm has finished creating a 3D prototype of the doll, but getting it into production is a different story, so he has enlisted the help of people all over the world to help raise funds for production.

Lamm has already managed to raise almost 400% of his $95,000 goal, but you can still get a Lammily doll (and support the cause!) by making a pledge of at least $25.