Hello Kitty’s March To Global Domination Continues

Hello Kitty Bicycle Tires (Image courtesy Nirve Sports)
By Andrew Liszewski

Mark my words people, the greatest threat to humanity isn’t nuclear war or global warming, but a small white kitten with a pink bow in its hair. And I think the fact that you can now buy bicycle tires with a Hello Kitty tread pattern is all the proof I need to support my case.

And you may laugh at my theory now, but one day when we’re all stuck working deep in the Hello Kitty mines, I’ll at least have the smug satisfaction that I saw it coming. (And probably a little bit of regret for not doing anything about it.)

Of course if you like the idea of spending your days toiling in a mine then by all means grab a set of these Hello Kitty tires. They’re available from Nirve Sports in a ‘Cruiser’ version for $25.99 and I guess a regular version $19.99.

[ Hello Kitty Bicycle Tires ] VIA [ Yokiddo ]

6 thoughts on “Hello Kitty’s March To Global Domination Continues”

  1. Oh, there is better than that — take the Hello Kitty Dildo or the Hello Kitty Acoustic Guitar (as I know people who own both of these objects …)

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