Hello Kitty, Goodbye Late For Work

Hello Kitty Alarm Clock (Images courtesy Geek Stuff 4 U)
By Andrew Liszewski

Whether you’re at home or one the road, this Hello Kitty portable alarm clock will wake you from a blissful slumber with one of three different Hello Kitty chimes, making it perfect for 9 year old girls or creepy 40 year old businessmen. It runs on 2 AAA batteries, weighs just 125g and even features a thermometer, all for just $49 from Geek Stuff 4 U. All-in-all it seems pretty cute and innocuous, but let me remind you that I’ve already speculated about Hello Kitty’s true intentions in past articles. Perhaps this alarm clock is just another tool in the Kitty’s master plan to eventually overthrow and enslave humanity. Think about it…

[ Hello Kitty Alarm Clock ] VIA [ Akihabara News ]

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