Hello Kitty Contact Lenses: I See Kitties In Your Eyes

Hello Kitty Contacts2

Some contact lenses are corrective so folks can get 20/20 vision again without the glasses. Others are purely cosmetic, making pupils appear larger than normal so its wearers can take on a more doll-like appearance.

Then there are those that transform its wearers look completely: changing the color of their pupils, making it appear like slits, even–or making it look like there’s an image of Hello Kitty on their eyeballs. I kid you not: Hello Kitty contact lenses actually exist.

Hello Kitty Contacts

One variation has a bunch of tiny kitties surrounding the pupil. It doesn’t jump out at you from afar, but they’re clear as day if you look deep into its wearer’s eyes. Another variation of the lenses feature Hello Kitty sized to fit right into your iris, and it’s easier to spot because it’s rendered in color.

The unusual lenses are priced at $24.95.

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