Helio Announces Opera Mini For The Ocean

Helio Announces Opera Mini For The Ocean

Helio Ocean With Opera Mini

By Luke Anderson

I used to have a Helio Ocean, and honestly it’s one of the best phones mobile devices that I’ve ever used. That’s not to say that I don’t love my Mysto, I just miss that wonderful slide-out QWERTY keyboard. That, and I was able to run a hacked version of Opera on it. I always wondered why Helio wouldn’t just offer it as an alternative browser, but apparently they were already thinking along the same lines.

Opera and Helio have teamed up to release a custom-tailored version of the Opera Mini browser to the Helio Ocean, which I must say is a brilliant move. “We’re always looking to give our members their choice of great applications so we’re excited to be the first service provider in the U.S. to make Opera Mini an on-deck option,” said Doug Britt, Vice President of Service Management at Helio. “Opera Mini is a tremendous mobile browser. Optimized for Ocean and running on a nationwide 3G network, its a combination that’s tough to match.”

As I said before, I’ve used the hacked version of Opera Mini that was released by the Opera team in August of last year, and it ran wonderfully. I can only imagine how much better it will run now that they’ve had the opportunity to work with the guys at Helio.

What’s awesome is that this is the direct result of Helio listening to the desires of the community. After Opera released their own version of the browser last year, people have been crying out for Helio to work with them to make things official. Also very awesome is the fact that Helio is the first US service provider to officially offer Opera Mini as a browser on a handset.

This looks like it will be the beginning of a wonderful relationship between the two organizations. I can only hope that this will lead to more such handsets that work with the browser.