The AVN 6600, Dual Drive Goodness

AVN6600By Jeff Carstens

The new AVN 6600 from Eclipse Fujitsu Ten is a DVD entertainment deck that can provide the owner with access to, well, automotive entertainment nirvana. Twin DVD drives allow for more porn mobile entertainment and info on the go.

For instance, you could have the top drive spinning an mp3 disk with Scorpion’s Greatest Hits while the parallel sister drive spins the NAVI DVD with 1.2 gabillion points of interest, simultaneously. The unit is HD ready, Sat ready, iPod ready and of course comes with Eclipse’s ESN Security built in.

There are numerous A/V ins and outs for multi screen operation in your pimped out 94 Camry, allowing you to follow the navigation up front, and have the rear passengers watch porn catch up on season 3 of WKRP in Cincinnati.

Eclipse is generally the leader of Car Audio Entertainment; the AVN 6600 is one of the reasons why.

[The AVN 6600]

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