“Heart-In Baby Diamond”, A Diamond Made From Baby Hair

heart-in baby diamond

By David Ponce

You have to first realize something very basic: diamonds are made purely from carbon. And, pretty much any living organism also contains carbon (it’s sort of part of the definition). So, it’s really all a matter of extracting the carbon from the living organism, and whipping it up into a nice synthetic [insert living organism here] diamond. While we’ve already heard of companies creating lab-grown diamonds from your loved ones’ cremated remains, it’s the first we hear of anyone using their hair as the source. Although, really, there’s no reason this should be a surprise.

Well, it seems Russian company New Age Diamonds specializes in the creation of lab-grown diamonds

created from human or animal hair. The product is for the funeral and pet market as well as other jewelry related industries such as weddings, gifts and even beauty salons.

And now, they’ve recently entered the Japanese market with a new product, The Heart-In Baby Diamond: artificial diamonds grown from your baby’s hair. Prices range from 403,000 yen (US$3,500) for a 0.2-carat canary yellow diamond to 1,934,000 yen (US$17,000) for a 0.8-carat chameleon red diamond, though it’s unclear at this point how many times you’ll have to shave your baby to get enough hair.

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  3. BTW New Age Diamonds appeared much earlier with ‘hair diamonds’ than Lifegam. LG were making diamonds from cremated remains only and then suddenly began to offer ‘hair diamonds’ – very strange!

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