HeadBlade, Headshaving Implement

There are quite a number of guys (and a few gals) out there who shave their own heads. I’ve always pictured their self-grooming efforts as awkward and painstaking, though presumably with years of practice, some may consider themselves “expert headshavers”. Nevertheless, I’m sure even the most seasoned experts will see the advantage in using the HeadBlade Shaving System.

Hopefully, the picture will give you an idea of just how this works. For those of you that are visually, uh, untalented, well, let’s just call it an ergonomic razor. It makes shaving your head as easy as patting your head. It makes it possible to do the deed without twisting your hand all out of whack. It has some sort of patented suspension system. And it costs only 15$, though they also make a 75$ stainless steel with rollers version.

Check it out here.

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