Haven’t You Always Wanted A $1,200 Throw Pillow Made From Old Shoes?

By David Ponce

We suppose that we could file the “The Little Shoes” throw pillow by one Baptiste Viry under Art. That might, perhaps, help justify its asking price of $1,200. It also helps that it’s a one-of-a-kind, so you would be the only person able to boast about having a $1,200 old shoe pillow by Baptiste Viry. Here’s their description of it:

Pillow in leather patchwork of used men’s shoes sewn by hand with suede backing, finished with a hot wax buff, removable feather interior, clean shoes with colorless polish.? This piece is unique and signed by the artist. Wrapped with a vintage silk scarf.

We suppose that one man’s questionable overpriced purchase can be another man’s invaluable one-upping piece of hipster kitsch, so we make no judgement.

P.S. We lied. We’re judging.

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