Have You Heard Of Liquipel? It Waterproofs Your iPhone

By David Ponce

This is decidedly not new, but some of you may not have heard of it and we think it’s definitely worth mentioning. Liquipel is a company that can coat your mobile device is an invisible layer of water repellent material, making it completely waterproof, even submersible. The way it works is you send them the phone, they treat it, and then send it back to you. The treatment consists of gas deposition procedure that will coat every single part of the device that is exposed to air, so that even the innards are protected. We saw many of these companies at CES and there were more than a few fully functioning iPhones submerged in an aquarium. Perhaps one day this will come as standard equipment, but for now, you have to pay $60 to $80 for the privilege. The prices go up as you start adding options, such as faster turnaround and protective films (from scratches, for example). And there seems to be up to 11 products eligible for the treatment, including the iPhone 4/4S, the HTC EVO 4G and Samsung Galaxy II S.

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3 thoughts on “Have You Heard Of Liquipel? It Waterproofs Your iPhone”

  1. I’ve had phones since the first Motorola brick.
    I have NEVER had problems with water damage.
    If you are STUPID enough to handle your phone in or around water,
    well, then you deserve what you get!

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