Hatcam HC10 Is A Marvel Of Cinematic Innovation

Hatcam HC10 Is A Marvel Of Cinematic Innovation

Hatcam HC10 (Image courtesy Adorama)
By Andrew Liszewski

At CES we brought you news of Tiffen’s Smoothee which is a smaller version of their industry-standard Steadicam, specifically designed for compact video cameras like the Flip and even the Droid and iPhone. But if you’re looking for a cheaper, completely unstabilized option that makes you look like an amateur inventor or a 12-year-old at a science fair, then please consider the Hatcam HC10 instead. I won’t argue that it looks easy to use, as long as you’ve memorized where the record button is on your camcorder, and for just $29.99 you can save yourself the 15 minutes of research and development at Home Depot that probably went into its creation.

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  1. Clearly you did not try a hatcam or you wouldnt be saying its “unstabilized” as you did. I own a hatcam and post videos on their website blog all the time, and I think you might form a different opinion if you actually tried one out…Just ask the hundreds of people posting videos at their website. Making your own doesn't work either. I tried it and I lost a 200 dollar flip hd….I then bought one on the website and it is manufactured very well…needless to say, I have not had a problem with it since it was delivered to my home in Texas.

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