Hasbro’s ZoomBox

By David Ponce

Kids. You can’t forget’em. You can’t count’em out of the gadget business. Major manufacturers have realised this, and are now beginning to market the fridge and the kitchen sink to kids (my this obscure metaphor, I really mean gadgets).

The newest addition seems to be by Hasbro, and it’s a projector called the “Zoom Box”. Though it’s made by Hasbro, I think there’s a clever bit of marketing at work here. Imagine the following scenario, between husband and wife: “But honey, think about it, little Johnny doesn’t even have his own projector. He’ll be made fun of in school. What? Of course he needs a video projector, what are you saying? Every kid needs one.”

See how that works?

There’s only a press release. Story VIA Strange New Products.

2 thoughts on “Hasbro’s ZoomBox”

  1. Dear Sir or Madam:
    I was wondering about Hasbro Zoom Box, I know it plays dvds & cds. But I don’t know it can play HD DVDS or Blu-Ray Disc.
    Thank You,

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