Hard Drive Hard Drive Case

2.5 Inch Hard Case Disk Case (Image courtesy GeekStuff4U.com)By Andrew Liszewski

Since most computer users have probably never actually seen what a hard drive looks like this one is definitely reserved for impressing your geek friends. Instead of buying an external drive enclosure with a sleek, compact design why not get this one that appears to be made from or at least made to look like an actual hard drive.

Since it’s roughly the same size as a 3.5-inch drive on the outside it will only hold a 2.5-inch notebook drive inside and supports USB 1.1 and 2.0 only, no firewire here. It also appears to have a jack for a power adapter but that doesn’t seem to be included with the enclosure.

The Hard Drive Case is currently available at GeekStuff4U.com for $25.03. (The actual hard drive is also not included.)

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