Hansacanyon, Faucet Art

Art gets really cosy with technology in the Hansacanyon faucet, by German company Hansa. (well… Mocoloco says German, but the website ends in .de, which is Danish, and right now it seems a little broken, so I can’t even go and check… My money is on the Danes, though) Not only is she pretty, replicating a tiny canyon through which your tap water runs, but she’s also embedded with LEDs that change the water’s color to indicate whether it’s hot or cold.

On top of that, you regulate the water temperature not by turning some fugly knobs, but rather through a touchplate which is seamlessly integrated into the design.

This being a relatively artsy company, their website made it somewhat of a pain to find prices. Either that, or the prices are so exhorbitant that putting them on the website would have been a bad marketing move. Either way, you can visit the website (when it’s fixed) here.

Also, there’s a bunch more pictures where this story came from. VIA Mocoloco.

Update: About the .de business. The depth of my ignorance is sometimes baffling, even to a seasoned veteran such as myself. Seems .de is for Deutschland. That being, uh, Germany. I’m very sad…

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  1. Actually its Deutschland, but he’s right – .de is the german toplevel. Haven’t you learned anything from Hogan’s Heroes? Sheesh…

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